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It is very stable but can be rowed at a fast pace, suitable for beginners.

Length: 548cm

Width: 54cm

Load capacity: 145 kg

Weight: about 15 kg

The exact production date is unknown, approx. Can be 11-12 years old (Prod.Nr. GIP90233B111 EKI2010).

The material is a composite mixture of fiberglass, carbon fiber and Kevlar, heat-treated epoxy resin.

The surfski has the open water drain from the previous production series. It is a simple rubber valve that can be opened and closed from the inside

was added, with which the ship can be locked in the same way as on the current model.

The steering wheel can be removed for transport and maintenance in a few minutes.

It was stored in a dry place, protected from the sun, both by us and by the previous owner. The varnish is new, not UV-damaged, porous or matte. The hull has only minor scratches and minimal signs of use.

We - being the 3rd boat - used it a few times a year on the Danube and the Adriatic.

Price HUF 600,000 or EUR 1,500 (the current price of the model is EUR 2,900)

It can be seen and tried in Vámosszabadi or Győr.

You can inquire at 06-30-767-3097.

SOLD / EPIC V8 Performance

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