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With us, you can get to know a branch of the lifelong sport of kayaking and canoeing, which, obviously, due to the lack of sea and ocean, is still little known in our country, but we are convinced that it has the most versatile   use possibilities and perhaps the most fun can give Among the types of boats, the "zero-kilometer" enthusiast can immediately experience what it feels like to start the boat under your own power and glide on the water, but even kayakers to the core will not be left without an experience. Of course, surfski shows its true abilities between waves, so..........too much text, we will be on the water. Are you coming?!



The 'SURFSKI' is a fast and highly maneuverable ('sit-on-top') sea kayak specially developed for seas/oceans. A 4.4 - 6.5 meter long kayak type that is typically suitable for longer distances and for riding the waves most effectively. It achieved its current basic form through several decades of meticulous development, but of course there are many makes and categories.

Its several types make it suitable for beginners in calm waters, or for wave hunters who require complex skills for the oceans, who can almost "read" the water and race over house-sized waves at speeds of sometimes 30 km/h!


'SIT-ON-TOP' means you sit on it and not in it, which gives you a freer feeling when using this type of boat than a standard sit-in kayak type. The ship's hull is completely closed, practically the whole thing is a big air bag, so it does not fill with water, after a potential capsize there is no need to search for dry land and then water, we simply jump (climb) back into the boat and continue rowing.

Of course, don't expect to stay dry, this is a sports device that gives its user a great experience on any open water. Surprisingly comfortable, but not sluggish, easy to use, neat toy.





(Róbert Hegedüs)

If something is very difficult - at least for me - it is writing about myself. Who am I?


A bit objectively, looking from the side of the data, ex-world champion, coach, sports leader, world traveler, and currently a lawyer, husband, father, a lucky man.


And a little subjectively from the inside, a human being, in this colorful cavalcade, who wants to live as full a life as possible, which includes the joy of family life, the mental and physical strain  , the pursuit of health and inspiring challenges search.

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(Lőrincz Ariel)

Although I don't have significant sports results, my passion and commitment to kayaking has been unbroken for several decades, to this day. The fact that I grew up next to the Danube and that my family and I still live here obviously defines my attachment.


 I work as a civilian shift leader for a multinational company, but with the support and even participation of my family, I can also be an active participant in an extremely attractive sports family, i.e. the kayak-canoe society.


 I got acquainted with 'surfski' a few years ago and I admit that I was hooked. I would like to share my experiences in this field and pass them on to others who are open to it.


 With my partner, Hege, through the 'SurfskiFUN' established in 2018 and the events organized under its auspices, we already had experiences in the first year that clearly encourage us to continue.

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(Andrea Soós)

As a child along the Danube, I had the opportunity to learn in two rowing boats and fall in love with water sports, I started kayaking a few years ago, and the surfski boats took me on a sea tour for the first time. Since then, wherever and whenever possible, I get on the water.

I graduated as an economist, I deal with finance and project management. 


Sport has always played a decisive role in my life, and the goal is to make as many people as possible fall in love with movement, especially kayaking, and to build the surfski community at home and internationally.

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A very fair, helpful "band". On the one hand, I was able to rent a boat from them at a fair price, and on the other hand, I fell into very good company on the tour organized by them. I also bought my Epic V12 boat from them. They kept me informed about the status of my order, even though it was not easy due to the slow and unpredictable deliveries due to the COVID situation. I was at several events organized by them, or just hanging out with them at various events (Balaton, Lake Tisza). So far, everything has been well organized and has a friendly atmosphere. I can recommend to everyone that, if possible, try a tour or test organized by them. Because yes, you can also test and try out a boat with them. In this way, I was able to go with many types of surfski boats and find the one that suits me best.



I found the tour boats slow and cumbersome, the raids difficult to manage, my height and weight did not correspond to all boats, moreover, I intended to return to the "sea" waves, so I left thesurfski. After thinking for a few days, after trying out a few types of boats with the help of the team, I decided on the Epic V8 Pro, and I did not regret it - it's excellent as a beginner, easy to handle, stable, but it already works. The ship arrived in the spring, on the first day of the CoVid closures, and gave me exactly the experience I expected. There was a problem with stability only at the beginning, and even then only on more serious waves. I learned how to paddle in choppy water and how to get back up in such water after a capsize.

My base is on the Danube, where I row several times a week, but if work or a vacation calls me to the water, I take the boat with me.

I visited many corners of the Danube, the Körös, the Körös backwaters, Lake Tisza, rowed both across and across Lake Balaton, Lake Constance and Lake Neuchatel,   and returned to Jadirja, where the strong I no longer avoided the Bora wind, but enjoyed the fact that the water carried me between the small islands on the coast at a speed of 40 km/h (!) while I struggled to stay in the boat.

If you need a one-time relaxation, a couple of days of rowing on the Balaton or sea is an unforgettable experience.

And with an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, manual boat, maybe even rowing will become a part of your life.

The V8 Pro and later the V10 proved to be suitable for me as a beginner.



I had my first kayaking experiences with the Surfskifun team during a tour in Croatia. Even as a complete beginner, I received all the help so that I don't get on the water with fear and return home with only good experiences and that this sport and this type of boat become my passion. 

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